Help the Recalls -- This Tuesday

Sunday, September 08, 2013

CRBC urges you to get involved with the September 10th Recall Elections of Senator Angela Giron (SD3) and Senator John Morse (SD11), which you can do in various ways including making phone calls, making contributions, walking the neighborhoods, etc.

As you know, victories are usually dependent upon how effective the "get-out-the-vote" efforts are, which in turn are greatly dependent upon the strength of the candidates, the quality of the messages, the effectiveness of the delivery of the messages, the involvement of volunteers, the amount of contributions, etc.

Regarding the money issue, as you probably already know, the other side has been getting major support from sources outside of Colorado. For example, it was recently disclosed that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has contributed to date $350,000 of his own money to the Taxpayer For Responsible Democracy, the issues committee fighting these two recalls. Others have also made large contributions. You can help by contributing any amount to one or more various groups involved with these battles, including but not limited to the Colorado Republican Committee, the El Paso County Republicans, the Pueblo County Republican Party, I Am Created EqualAmericans For Prosperity.

You can make phone calls either from your home by volunteering at www.cologop.org, or you can participate in small group efforts hosted by several groups such as the Americans For Prosperity 720.213.8175, or call the Pueblo County Republican Party 719.295.0600, or the El Paso County Republicans at 719.578.0022.

You can walk the neighborhoods. For example, Winning With Women is organizing a walk in SD 11 on September 7th.

For information about other ways to help, for example, possibly becoming a poll watcher, contact El Paso County Republicans at 719.578.0022 or Pueblo County Republican Party at 719.295.0600.

Also other good sources to help stay current include http://coloradopeakpolitics.com and www.cologop.org.