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Update From the Senate Republicans

Police Transparency Bills Get First Stamp of Approval

"The Senate Judiciary Committee today gave a green light to three bipartisan policing improvement bills - SB-217, SB-218 and SB-219 -- aimed at strengthening public confidence in law enforcers by increasing transparency, accountability and data collection.

SB-217 requires law enforcement agencies to gather detailed data on officer-involved shootings over a ten year period, which will be provided to the Colorado Department of Criminal Justice for compilation, analysis and annual reporting to the Judiciary Committees in the House and Senate.

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This Month's Luncheon: NEW LOCATION

This month, the CRBC Luncheon will be held at the Original Brooklyn's by Sports Authority Field, not the past location at the Brooklyn's by the Pepsi Center.

Get more details about this month's great event here -- and don't forget about the new location! 

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Update from the Colorado Senate Republicans

Stand Up For Second Amendment Rights

Senate Republicans are calling for reinforcements in their uphill battle to repeal a still-controversial ammunition magazine ban approved in 2013, with a petition calling on Gov. Hickenlooper and legislators to restore lost rights and respect for the U.S. Constitution by backing a bipartisan repeal bill, SB-175. 

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